I Have Few Weeks Off, So…

I have a few weeks off before I start my next work role, more on that another time and in another place.

In the meantime I have the wonderful opportunity to make a trip to India with my dad, and other members of a group who help run the UK part of a charity,  The Sylvia Wright Trust.

The Trust runs a school for deaf children, day centres for the disabled and a teaching hospital in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India. I set off next Sunday 15th November and will be there for just a week.

This Wednesday I met Sylvia Wright, the Yorkshire lady who set it all up and still runs it after 34 years. That was a bit of an accident but a fortunate one. It made the trip a lot more real. While we just got to know each other a little, we also got into some of the practical realities of being deaf and poor in rural India. The years Sylvia has spent building medical and educational facilities are a humbling world away from my all too numerous high tech, air conditioned, business class experiences of the other India.

My intention is to use the trip raise the profile of the charity as best I can and connect it with other people who can support and sustain it in the future. While I am there I will post some snippets of what the Trust does and perhaps issue a blog post or two here if there is a story to tell.

To make myself useful I will be helping work out how their teachers can make the most of IT to create long term opportunities for the children, supporting the administration of the charity and playing cricket with the children in the annual India vs England match.

I will highlight specific projects as we go, though will doubtless be diverted by events on the ground. One that has had a really positive impact in recent times, and which serves as a small taste of the work that’s been done, has been the roll out of digital hearing aids to the school children run by an audiologist called Alice Alkins.


If you could spare a little time to follow and share this blog and generally socialise our little adventure to raise the profile of The Sylvia Wright Trust, I’d be very grateful.

The charity is sustained by a group of people in the UK who run the Trust, supported by a community of volunteers, schools, medical specialists and gap students who run projects and go to support the work in the school and hospital.  In particular, if you can think of people at a time of life or just with skills and chutzpah who could get involved, then connect them to the Trust, that would be a powerful result.

Meanwhile, I’m headed off for a raft of inoculations and then on to the cricket nets.

Anthony Allinson

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7 Responses to I Have Few Weeks Off, So…

  1. This sounds like a wonderful charity to support and I am sure your intervention on the IT side will reap rich rewards for the children and for you personally. I am also pleased to hear that you are heading for the nets prior to your departure so that you increase your chances of beating the children at cricket! Best of luck. Keep us posted on progress.

  2. I am very much looking forward to it. It will be exhausting but rewarding I am sure. Watch this space. Cheers, Anthony

  3. Tony Hartigan says:

    I hope you all arrived safely in Tiruvannamalai, Looking forward to reading your reports!

    • Tony

      We are all here safely. Tom Cullinan and I got here at 1630 yesterday to join the rest of the team. There were some serious floods in Chennai yesterday which made the journey long but interesting. I will post some photos and an update now I have access to everything. I hear Otley is similarly deluged. I think we should just get Tom to change his name to Anthony and have done with it.



  4. Tracey pennington says:

    Hi Anthony

    Hope all is going well with the trip.


  5. Tony Hartigan says:

    Hi Anthony. Good to hear all the latest news and see the photos. Just to let you know that we have now put a link to your blog on our website:
    Keep up the good work!
    Tony Hartigan

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